Tue. May 17th, 2022
enchanted castle

The Amazing Palace in the title is a rural estate in the West that is visible to the eyes of three children, Jerry, Jimmy and Cathy, as they explore it during their school holidays. The lake, gardens and marble statues, with white towers and turrets in the distance, create a fairy tale backdrop and then in the middle of the maze in the rose garden, they find the sleeping fairy princess.

The “princess” tells them that the palace is full of magic and that they believe in her. She shows them the treasures of the palace, including a magic ring, which she says is an invisible ring, but when it turns out to be her invisibility, she gets upset and admits that she is Mabel, the niece of the housekeeper, and she plays.

Children soon discover that there are other magical powers [1] in the ring, such as “Ugly-Wugglies” (Guy Fawkes-style dummies they create to excite audiences at one of their plays). They eventually discover that the ring is indeed their own, and that their failure to articulate those aspirations has dire consequences.

Enchanted Castle is written for children and adults. It combines details of a children’s imaginative game, reminiscent of a treasure hunter’s story, with magic that is quieter than her main fantasies. Read More

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