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Lion the King of the Jungle

A quadruped mammon of the felidae family, characteristic in the south and certain areas of the Republic of Congo and India, is the panthera leon, the lion’s scientific name. It is among the greatest carnivores on the world these days but it is at the top of the food chain. From the birth of mankind, the lion was among the most respected creatures for their ferociousness and might and was terrified and killed for the very same reasons. Their called the “King of the Jungle.”  They are well-known for their powerful roar. The lions are nowadays a species in risk of human life however since the development of guns their numbers have dropped tremendously. That is one of the creatures hardest difficult to maintain with its existence in zoos all around planet. The lions are connected with certain other big felines, somewhat like the tiger and jaguar, originated 3.5 million years ago in Central Asia. Throughout Africa, nevertheless, almost one million years ago the Panthera leo race developed and evolutionary separated from all others in the Pleistocene.

Species spreads that at a certain time across America, Europe and the Middle East, leading to further extinct animals. The lions mostly in Asian Mediterranean regions like Turkey, Israel, Palestine and even Greece were widespread throughout Greek/Roman times. The lion is indeed a creature that can travel at large speeds in the plains that are appropriate towards the lifestyle of the savannah. They frequently take shelter from of the sun in the African region, among acacias and other trees, hunting antelopes, emus and others. Many lions currently dwell in East and South Africa in which the number of thousands of adult lions is considered to have not been higher. Lions are big, four-legged gold or beige-light creatures. Their elegant physique may carefully weigh between about 3 m from head to tail, and attain the weight of 160 to 260 kilograms (males) or 120-182 kilograms (females). The 4 legs have muscular strength and sharp claws just at end in which they keep their balance.

Their strong jaws and canine 3 inch teeth turn them into fearsome killing machines. The lions, particularly in confinement, may live around 14 and 20 years. They are ferocious carnivores who can devour up to 7 kg of flesh per day. Males and females are easier to recognize, since the latter have had an enormous, black male around their necks, so they might appear bigger than when faced with opponents. Lions have strong and elegant physique, of the kind that they employ to transmit as physical movements through with a number of facial and body expressions. Included is its various vocalizing ability, its most powerful rumor between all felines in the globe. They may drag on their prey with claws of their front limbs because of the muscular fitness of lions. They immediately attack the prey’s neck until suffocating or arterial bleeding is accomplished. The viciousness of lions is notorious, with many males struggling for dignity and accessibility to females having terrible death in the struggle versus young males.

The lions are indeed the friendliest feline. They create herds where females connect in a familial manner and bring together their kids mostly in company of several men. Such packs can vary between 4 to 37 males and cover an area well-defined, which would not allow the arrival of invading lions. The number of participants is completely depended on the prey’s richness. Certainly, the females can hunt in teams and share the meal for said herd. The males would hunt their personal meat, but at the other side, and they can even wander by themselves, as wandering males, without any territory. They usually have much more lively routines at night time.

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