Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
Dome house

Cape Romano Cape Romano Dome House is Marco Island to the south of the island state of Florida Collier tens Islands ( 2019 the) foot 300 about located in the abandoned house has six modules of the dome-shaped beach Thin. It was built by retired businessman Bob Lee in 1979 , abandoned in 1992 and sold to John Tosto in 2005 . The building is never accessible by boat and has no landing or dock facilities.  

Morgan originally built on the island, and it is technically known as “Morgan Island Dome Home” as though , Morgan and both Cape Romano, and a small natural æḷehi (Morgan Pass) filled the erosion has cut the area of Morgan island. As a result, the house is located on a different island from where it was originally built. 

Also , Cape Romano is the closest island to the house to sit on the water due to the continuous erosion of the barrier islands in this area.

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