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Bolsover Castle

The Bolshoi Palace is located in the city of Bolshoi, northeast of the English province of Derbyshire (reference GK SK471707). The present fort, built in the early 17th century, rests on the earthworks and ruins of a medieval fortress of the 12th century; The first building of the present palace was built from 1612 to 1617 by Sir Charles Cavendish. (3) Due to both the Grade I listed building (2) and the Scheduled Heritage Monument, the site is now in the custody of the English Heritage Charitable Trust. (1)  

The original palace was built by the Powell family in the 12th century and became the property of the crown in 1155 when a young man named William Powell died. The Ferrero family of Derby Earls owned the Powell property. (4)

Young King Henry II, the king’s sons, Henry, rebelled against the rule of the British pound Henry and Geoffrey Duke’s layanharṭ Richard Baron, the team of Richard Prince’s leadership 116 million spent to build Peveril bolsōvar and palaces. Of Derbyshire. (5) (6) The fort was augmented by a force of 20 knights, and during the Rebellion it was shared with Powell and Nottingham Palace. (5) King John ascended the throne in 1199 after the death of his brother Richard. William de Ferrer acquired the Earls’ rights to the Pearl Estate in Derby. For dominance at the top, he paid John 2,000 points but won the Crowns Bolshoi and Powell Castle. In 1216, John finally gave them to Ferres in order to gain his support in the face of a nationwide uprising. However, Castellon Bryan also refused to hand them over to Lisle. Both Liszt and Ferres were John’s supporters, but John allowed Ferreros to seize the palace by force. After the death of his father in 1216, when Henry III became king, the situation was still chaotic. After a siege in 1217, Bolshoi surrendered to Ferras’ army. (7)       

1223 at the Palace over the control of the crown, pounds to repair the damage caused when the house occupied by the Earl of Derby, six years ago, 33 million were spent. Over the next 20 years, 4 towers were added, the warehouse was renovated, various parts of the curtain wall were repaired and a kitchen and barn were built, which cost 181. From 1290 the palace and its environs were gifted to a series of local farmers. Under their care the fort gradually became dilapidated.  

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