Tue. May 17th, 2022
Auln Abbey

It was first started in 656 in sambrē bank of the “benaḍikṭayin” monastery as “the beach of La Pike (Belgium volūn region Peace Valley, Crespin Abbey Governor lænḍalinas by. 974 was replaced by secular benaḍikṭayin before. Priests who take public life in 1144 Followed the law of St. Augustine.

When Bishop Henry of Lee’s Lane, is 1147 at the hands of the monks kleyārvoks in sisṭēriyan, the first Duke of sisṭarsiyān mōrvoks under Franco. Since then it has flourished as a Cistercian monastery. The monks built a large irrigation system and six ponds to supply fish to the monastery. The construction of Abe Church began in 1214 by Father Giles de Beaumont.

The monastery was burned down by French Revolutionary Guards in 1794, shortly after it had been extensively renovated. The library, which contained 40,000 books and 5,000 manuscripts, was also completely destroyed. The last monk died in 1859. The monastery was abandoned and the monastery became a hospitality center.

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