Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
A truck driver from Auckland who traveled to Palmerston North tested positive for Covid-19.

A truck driver from Auckland who traveled to Palmerston North for work has tested positive for Covid-19, according to the Ministry of Health. The case was discovered “in a routine surveillance test that was done in Auckland yesterday, and which produced a positive result earlier today,” according to a statement posted Saturday night by the ministry.

The person had been regularly checked in on the need for essential people leaving Auckland and had previously given a negative test result on September 24. It has been found that the person’s infectious phase begins on September 28.” Essential workers who are permitted to cross Auckland’s borders are not needed to self-isolate until they return a negative test result, according to the government, because they are tested on a regular basis. The person is currently being held in isolation at a Palmerston North facility.

(The Auckland Regional Public Health Service conducted the initial interview with the subject. According to the government, the complete genome is now being sequenced)

Two self-isolating home contacts have been identified. Because of the driver’s long hours, their contact with other people is limited.” A small number of exposure episodes are currently being investigated by public health officials. Any interesting areas will be mentioned on the Ministry of Health’s website. “We expect the first of a small number of places to be released this evening.” The announcement comes as a decision on Auckland’s alert level is being made.

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