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Emma's ghost story

She is my best friend, her sad story

This scary story happened in 2004 when  I was a kid. That year I got chickenpox.  My parents asked the teacher to let me stay at home, not having to go to class. At that time, my parents had to go to the city for a week. Before leaving, they told me not to leave the house, lest I infect other children. Even though I didn’t want to, I had to stay at home, just hoping for a quick recovery. I thought to myself, “So I have to stay at home  until this chickenpox is completely cured?” I was contemplating whether to sneak out or not when I heard my grandmother called.  She told me not to go out, then asked me to come in to eat dinner.


So every day, I had to stay at home like a prisoner. I felt bored. At that time, I looked like an autistic child. I had to play alone in the front yard. While playing in the yard, I suddenly heard a group of friends calling my name outside. This sound was very familiar. So I quickly climbed up the wall to see what they were up to. I climbed up the wall and saw my friends. They were planning to spread their nets to the river to catch fish. I was never absent when we went fishing together before. And now, I felt helpless when  I saw my friends having fun.

My friends saw the chickenpox on my face,  so they told me I wasn’t cured yet. “Well, you stay at home, don’t come out  here and infect us.”After that, they left. Although I was very disappointed, there was nothing I could do about it. I regretfully watched my friends leave. But at the same time, I suddenly saw what seemed to be a figure standing in the corner on the side of the road. Even though she was hidden in the dark,  I still recognized the shoes of Emma, a girl from my neighborhood. I called out to her loudly. I thought she might be hiding from the boys by standing in that corner because they often bully and tease her. But it was strange that Emma stood motionless in the dark. No matter what I called her, she ignored me. I felt very strange because Emma liked to play with me before. When I was about to call Emma again, my grandmother came out of the house and saw that I was climbing a dangerous wall,  so she hurriedly asked me to climb down. My grandmother was worried that I might fall,  so she rushed over to help me climb down. I told her that I saw Emma outside and wanted to go out with her for a while. But I didn’t expect my grandmother’s face to suddenly change at that moment! She took me into the house, told me to turn on the TV to watch. She didn’t even let me play in the yard anymore. Coincidentally, Emma’s grandmother also came to our house that night. I was lying in bed and reading a book when I  heard a knock on the door. My grandmother hurried out. Emma’s grandmother came looking for her,  not knowing if it was something important. I didn’t hear what they were saying in the living room. I just saw the two grandmothers shaking their heads and sighing for a while. Something seemed to be bothering them. They talked for more than an hour,  then Emma’s grandmother got up to leave. Seeing that, I followed the door and asked Emma’s grandmother if she could let Emma come over to play with me the following day.


But I didn’t know what’s going on; Emma’s grandmother didn’t answer me but left with a gloomy face.

 I thought to myself that maybe she was worried because I would spread chickenpox to Emma.  So she didn’t want Emma to come and play with me. After a few days, I was depressed because my chickenpox still didn’t heal. Staying at home drove me crazy, so I climbed up the wall to look at the people passing by. This actually made me feel a little less sad. I unintentionally turned my head and saw a person standing in the corner. As soon as I saw the shoes, I knew it was Emma. I happily greeted her in the most friendly way. With the same old question, but it was still the same as before, Emma was still standing there motionless.  

She was still hiding in the dark,  huddled in a corner like last time. No matter how I called her, there was no response. I thought maybe Emma was mad at me. I found it very strange; I wanted to know what she was doing to stand motionless for several days. So I sneaked past my grandmother to open the door and go out. When I went out, I tiptoe very softly. I  also wanted to play a little prank right to startle Emma when she’s not paying attention. But before I got closer to Emma, I realized that something was wrong with her. Emma was standing upright, nestled behind an electric pole. At that time, the light was a bit dim, I  couldn’t see her face clearly, but I could still vaguely see her face slightly dazed. I thought someone was bullying her, so she got a little sad and hid here. I called out to her and slowly approached her. As I got closer, Emma now seemed to notice me. She suddenly stared at me. At this moment, her face hidden in the shadows appeared. But when I got a good look at her, I was scared to pee in my pants. I saw that one side of Emma’s face was gone,  and there was a big hole in it. I had never seen such a horrible sight. I was so scared that I was speechless. My brain paused for a long time before reacting. 


I turned my head and ran away with a scream.  I knew it wasn’t Emma, definitely no Emma.I ran home lifelessly, Emma still standing there and not chasing me. I was so scared that I could only hide in bed, and I had a high fever that very night.

Because I had a high fever, my mother also came home quickly. That night, both my grandmother and mother were very worried about me. After tossing and turning all night, my fever disappeared the following morning. And my chickenpox had also healed. Seeing that I was okay, my mother and grandmother were relieved. I quickly told them that I had seen Emma’s terrible face yesterday. Grandma said that when I got chickenpox, my father took me to the hospital for a checkup. Emma had waited for me in that alley. She wanted to wait for me to come back to play with me. But suddenly, there was a truck turning in. The driver took the wrong road because of drunkenness. Therefore, he drove the car into a narrow alley. The driver failed to control the speed, and  Emma was too scared not to get out in time, so she died under the wheel. When Emma died, her head happened to be sandwiched between the front of the car and the wall.  The poor little girl lost half of her face. Regarding Emma’s death, to this day, when  I think about it, I still blame myself. She died because she was there waiting for me to come back so we could play together. I’m still waiting for her to come back.

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