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The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest

The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest is located in the vicinity of Cluj-Napoca, in Romania, on more than 250 hectares of land, frequently known as the Bermuda Triangle. The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest is famous for its extreme supernatural activity and mysterious incidents in the world’s most haunted forest. Claims included sights, ghost sights, mysterious apparitions, faces that were not apparent with the naked eye in pictures, and UFO sightings in the 1970s. Forest visitors often feel intense fear and a sense of constant observation. In addition, the vegetation is somehow unusual, like a novel made with weirdly shaped trees and mysterious tree stumps and branches. The surrounding vegetation is strange.


The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest was named after a farmer who had two hundred sheep in the region. Because of myths and customs, the majority of folks who live near the woods are afraid to enter. People believe folks who frequent the site will never go home. Many local people who were bold enough to walk into the forest complained of any physical injury, including rashes, nausea, vomiting, migraines, brims, scrapes, anxiousness, etc. Neither does the strange aspect of the forest cease with its human impact. Irregularly mismanaged trees grow out of the ground, while oddly burnt others emerge. Deep in the forest, there lies an almost perfect circular opening that cannot sprout plants. Inside the forest, there lies an almost perfect circular opening that cannot sprout plants. Also, Hoia forest Baciu’s critters are strange. In one case, the abrupt arrival of a large wolf frightened a group of walkers. The beast looked at the intruders coldly and went away quietly.

The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest first sighting in 1968

They took a walk and headed towards the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest near Romania’s Cluj Town on the morning of August 18, 1968, Emil Barnea, a 45 years old building technician noted for its integrity, and Zamfira Mattea, 34 years of age, a staff member of a charity. Two others, a male and a female, were with them, who stayed unnamed because they wished to preserve their privacy. The climate was great and the group agreed to halt and enjoy their lunches under the sun in the forest near the route from Cluj to Bucharest, at a little clearing. Emil Barnea prepared for a campfire looking for good wood. The only noises were birds chirping. There were no winds. Soon he heard his partner calling him to see something that interested her. He heard her shout. The hours were 1:23 p.m.

Barnea returned from the area and glanced at the indications of his partner: over the clearing there was a circular craft, rather enormous in air, which seemed like metallic, reflecting the sunlight as though it were silver. Eventually, the aircraft flew over the wood, noiseless. Barnea then hurried to his backpack, pulling out his camera, estimating the light and the angle, and taking his first photograph. Since the aircraft always traveled quite leisurely, He had time for a second shot. He detected intermittent fluctuations in the illumination of the aircraft. However, at this moment, the aircraft quickly accelerated and got up and Barnea just had the time to capture two more pictures before the aircraft could be seen too far. 


He never shared his fourth picture publically, because the other pair appeared on it and did not wish to be identified. This fourth shot depicts the aircraft which became very little in relative size and like lost in a cloud, but, by Emil Barnea to the ufologists Florin Gheorghita and Ion Habana, the afterward. The four witnesses have monitored all the modifications of the machine and all the developments that lasted approximately 2 minutes.

The impact created by this experiment was dispersed at the end of a few days. Somewhere at the end of one or two weeks, it ended up with the film roll of Emil Barnea’s camera. He was concerned about the sighting and the images because he knew that many folks talking about UFO sightings were often ridiculed. Two Cluj citizens who lived on the first story of the residence at the out skirted of the neighborhood minister filmed the last reports of UFO on the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest in 2002. The UFOs were captured on the footage for 27 seconds and depicted as a development of a brilliant, roughly 50-meter long object in the sky. The UFO climbed and across the sky until it entered and vanished among the clouds.

In Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest Strange Phenomena 

Adrian Four has discovered in the wooden structures and forms, visible or invisible to the human eye, plain and multicolored nightlight, flying or fixed, that fly at ground level. He installed the forest in an odd fashion with measuring instruments that showed radioactive emissions, magnetic abnormalities, electromagnetic fields, microwave emissions, and infrared light emissions.

Most of those locals are aware of supernatural activities in Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest and dare not explore the forest depths. Due to the obvious blue tint, certain burns, headaches, panic, and vomiting occur. Researchers observed that locations with the highest soil abnormalities and traces of suspicious anomalies exist. Strange things appear in the greenery that looks like dehydration is affected, and incidents of burns or necrosis were also observed.


There is a 300-meter wide magnetic patch in the forest where little grows and mushrooms do not thrive. Twisted wood is the most powerful wood in the trees and is so difficult that it cannot be cut with an ax. During the tremendous rains, but a raindrop doesn’t hurt them. The apparition of some photographs of some “guardian angels” is one of the most remarkable supernatural forces in Baciu Forest. Normally these beings are not apparent to the naked eye, but the camera and form of human forms can capture them. Another weird incident was observed in 1994. The pine trees were torn down in the forest and their timbers were red.  Soil tests conducted by experts could not explain this abnormality, because they appear to be matching the soil surrounding the soil. More than 1,000 persons are thought to have disappeared in total. A few years later, some were found deceased with no evidence of violence on their bodies. 

Legends of the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest

The story of a young five-year-old girl is one of the more renowned. It is said that she walked away in the woods and without a clue vanished. Five years later, bizarrely, in a lost daze, she went out of the woods. She was also clothed in the same outfit the day she disappeared, and she did not remember where she was or how she was. The little girl’s story, like that of countless others who have had similar situations, is unknown. Many people believe that Hoia Baciu Forest includes a different gateway. Informative about the disappearances of so many and the appellation of Romania’s Bermuda Triangle.

A variety of urban legends exist in addition to the different legends that surround Hoia Baciu Forest. Some individuals think that entities have met in the haunted forest. Many also think the spirits of killed Romanian farmers who have died in the nearby area maybe belong to these spirits. They say that these wretched individuals are caught in the jungle to bear an eternal destiny. Human silhouette shapes, as well as massive masses of suddenly forming black brume, are often reported in the forest. Many additionally claimed to capture figures and features in images that were not present in the human eye when the photography took place. They were also spotted.


There have also been several other cases of poltergeist recorded in addition to these observations. Electronic equipment failures and battery abrupt drainage are typical. Some think this might be related to ghosts. Orbs have also been observed, light abnormalities recorded; weird changes in the magnetic field have been captured; paranormal activity and EVPs have been captured. Several others allege that invisible powers have assaulted the forest of Hoia Baciu Forest. Accounts of burning, scratching, biting, pushing, and even throwing from the severely ravaged woodland are available. We can’t say for sure whether or not one of these things is true. If you’re bold enough, you can visit the Hoia Baciu Forest. 

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