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James Scary Story

this scary story revolves around a man named Jems for a long time, Kiba never believed in Ghosts until one day when he ended up encountering one being haunted by the ghost he decided to see a therapist have his condition checked out as a two had finally met Kiba pointed at a black umbrella at a corner of the house to the therapist then told him it was spooky the young male therapist couldn’t hide the curiosity on his face he asked Kiba how the man could be scared by a small umbrella-like that kiva breathed deeply he lit a cigarette and then told the young man about a The incident that happened to him a few days before that day he bought an overnight trip he


had to drive through a rugged forest which was rumored to be haunted and mysterious as he drove to the forest all of a sudden he saw an old lady standing in the middle of the road blocking his way Kiba couldn’t hold his anger as he tilted the window and loudly held at her but the woman didn’t have a look of fear on her face she chillingly turned around looked to keep on the eyes and asked if he had seen her daughter the mysterious lady continued to bombard James with questions then hurriedly ran away leaving him confused as James finally composed himself he continued with his shipment as he made his way out of the forest he stopped his struck by a grocery store

it was already morning the store owner was very nice to him he lit a cigarette for James then asked him about the trip as they were chatting James saw a familiar figure from afar it was the old lady who James had previously encountered on the road the shop owner said a tragic incident that caused the old woman to be mentally unstable keeper’s curiosity was satisfied as he finally understood why she was acting bizarrely Heber then told the owner about their The previous encounter even asked a man to tell him what had exactly happened to her but the man’s face instantly changed color he extinguished a cigarette refusing to tell James the story the man told James to be extremely careful passing through the forest then hurriedly got inside the store as James rarely had an overnight trip like this one


he decided to go sightseeing way until it was late at night then began to go home that night it was pouring with rain yet James still cheerfully sang while driving his truck on the road as kiva nearly got out of the forest he saw a woman holding a black umbrella walking in the rain as he came closer to the woman he realized she was carrying a baby that

seemed to be sick he stopped the car and asked them it turned out that they were heading to the hospital the woman asked kiba if he could give them a lift to the place since kibo was a kind person he agreed to help them kiba opened the door for the two to get in then he gave them a towel to dry themselves off since kiba was new here he asked a woman to show him the way to the nearest hospital the woman showed kiba the way to the hospital the car get rolling on the road under the heavy rain thirty minutes later they finally arrived at the hospital gate kiba instantly breathed the sigh of relief he got out of the truck and opened the door for the two the woman expressed her gratitude to kiba then walked away tom wasn’t in a hurry to leave soon as he stood there looking at the two until he no longer saw them later kiba got on his truck only to find out that the woman had forgotten her black umbrella as he stuck his head out of the window something bizarre immediately caught his attention the woman was still there to be seen


with a second son but some other faded in and out of view what was even more terrifying as James turned his gaze upon the hospital gate he was startled to see a line that said hospital of the dead while the mother taking her son inside sensing something spooky was taking place James quickly drove away but the man didn’t think much about it as his only concern now was to return home as soon as possible the parking lot was pretty far from his A house since it was raining heavily he had to use the black umbrella that was left in his truck, however, James was a bit hesitant to take it as he remembered it was of the freaky woman and the son the man wasn’t sure if he would use it a while later James finally made his decision as he took the umbrella to keep him from getting wet on his way home

not knowing if it was strong winds that affected the umbrella James was constantly being carried away by it not only that while the man was making his way home out of nowhere a block of wood suddenly fell from above a loud noise was heard James could feel something hitting hard on the umbrella yet didn’t do any damage to him as the The object had bounced off keeper fell on the ground while the wood was being thrown to the side and so was the umbrella how lucky for the keeper the umbrella had saved his life it was a close shave for James as he just got a slightly injured arm James had a hunch that the woman had deliberately left her black umbrella for it to save his life the man couldn’t help but tremble as he recalled the nasty incident the therapist was also filled with fear as he listened to James story James pulled on his cigarette and continued with his story the next morning James drove back to the grocery store he intended to see the owner and ask him about the woman as he believed the man must know something about her having no other choice the shop owner had to reveal a secret to the keeper it turned out that the woman and the son were spirits five years ago on a stormy night The woman was seen walking on the road holding her son she asked people for a ride to the hospital but no one stopped and helped her feeling helpless the



the woman kept walking many cars were seen on the road but no one bothered to stop and help them there was even a vehicle driving into a muddy puddle and splashed dirty water on the tube the woman used her body to cover a child however, she had unfortunately slipped and fallen down the cliff the person who drove the vehicle instantly left the scene after witnessing the whole incident the woman and the child died afterward due to excessive bleeding as they hit their heads on rocks while falling down the old lady was unable to bear The excruciating pain of losing her daughter and grandson became crazy shortly after that ever since the horrific accident the villagers usually saw her holding a black umbrella speaking nonsense and for the one who caused the accident one day as he drove past this area he accidentally hit his car into a house the man ended up being arrested also had his involvement with the accident that took the lives of a woman and a child exposed those who went to the road on rainy days was likely to see a woman carrying her child while holding an umbrella if a driver refused to give her a lift to her desired destination she would mysteriously get into their car

and scare them to death and for that reason, no one dared to go to the forest at midnight after telling James everything he needed to know about the woman the shop owner suggested him visiting their graves James then went to their graves he returned the umbrella to them then thanked them for saving his life thanks to his kindness the spirits of the woman and the child had saved them from death since that day James always held a belief that ghosts existed in real life

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