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Danie Scary Storie

This scary story is about a young man named Danie That day, Danie, together with his uncle, went outside to dig a lake for fish farming They had to finish it before the wet season arrived The swell here was pretty stony which made both Danie and his uncle feel weary As the two were digging, Danie discovered a pile of soil protruding from the ground which looked like a grave. Danie immediately informed his uncle about it. The uncle was amazed as Danie pointed at the spot for him to see.
the uncle thought for a moment and told shin We should go check on it.


The dirt bar was a huge lump of soil, Danie and his uncle had to lift it and put it aside.
Danie and the uncle were surprised to see the thing underneath it the uncle told Danie “who on earth would bury such a statue down here” The statue had a human face shape which looked like that of a woman, It was beautifully crafted. The two were extremely curious to know about its origin. The uncle closely looked at the statue and then told Danie to help him dig it up. The two started digging, they had a firm belief that the statue was something highly valued. The face of the statue slowly appeared under the layer of dirt, it was a gorgeous female that had the beauty of an Asian woman As the two raised it Danie was astonished by its great beauty The uncle carefully looked at the statue all of a sudden. At the moment he looked into the eyes of the statue, he got startled, eyes dilated with horror. He backed up instantly which made Danie surprised. The man’s voice trembled with fear he told Danie we are going to die Danie didn’t understand what had happened to his uncle.

The old man stuttered hurriedly told Danie to bring the statue deeper into the forest.
Despite being confused Danie obediently did what the uncle told him to do without disposing of it. yet he asked his uncle what happened The uncle said nothing as he told Danie to quickly bury it The two brought the statue to a spot deep into the forest, they dug a hole then put it inside. The uncle then covered it up He couldn’t stop being scared as the man buried the statue, he muttered something under his breath, begging for forgiveness The statue was covered with layers of dirt Never in Danie’s life had he seen his uncle being this scared How strange it was, the statue was just an inanimate object. After the two buried the statue, they quickly returned home. That night, the weather unexpectedly got colder as blasts of cold wind howled., As the uncle was in his sleep, he suddenly opened his eyes. There were sounds of footsteps outside, The man slowly went step by step, not to wake his wife up, As he went to a window, he drew the curtain aside to gaze. His nephew Danie was seen opening the gate and going outside, he walked clumsily, looking like a sleepwalker


The uncle wondered what Danie was doing out there this late. Sensing something bad was about to happen the man put on his jacket then followed Danie. The uncle felt suspicious as he saw Danie acting strange The door was left open when Danie went out of the house he didn’t even bother to close it But scarier than that Danie had completely disappeared into the pitch darkness, how could he move so fast. At that time, there was no one else on the streets, only utter silence prevailed. The old man looked around, he checked every single corner yet his nephew was nowhere to be seen. Then, a disturbing thought crossed his mind which terrified

him deeply. He quickly made his way to the forest Like a shudder premonition, the uncle’s face was pale and filled with horror as he wanted to find Danie before the sun came up What the man expected turned out to be true as he saw Danie sitting on the spot where the two buried the statue.

Danie was on his knees digging up something. The uncle watched his nephew for a moment, he called Danie but Danie didn’t reply to him. He slowly approached him. Terrifyingly both hands of Danie were badly wounded as blood was dripping from them, While the statue was slowly revealed under the dirt. feeling horrified the uncle yelled loudly at Danie telling him to stop However despite his uncle trying to stop him the young man just kept digging and digging, his face became scary as he put on a haunting smile The uncle acted quickly as he grabbed Sin and dragged him away from the spooky statue But the strange thing was, as Danie was being kept from the statue, he screamed painfully then attacked his uncle Danie screamed hysterically while rushing to the statue continuously called it his wife his scream echoed throughout the whole forest in the black knight the uncle struggled desperately to get Danie out of the forest and return name home inside a small house with the lights on Danie acted insanely to his uncle and aunt’s amazement. he was sitting on his bed hugging a pillow while smiling happily the young man even cuddled it as if it was his lover having no other choice the uncle had to tell his wife about his encounter with a spooky statue the wife couldn’t hide the horror on her face she asked him if it was the haunting statue that the villagers had been talking about all those years. Danie indeed had been possessed which meant the myths about a statue were all true


since the statue had aimed for the young man he would be haunted to death the woman then told her husband to hurriedly find a black dog to remove the spirit out of Danie by using the old ways their ancestors had taught them She also emphasized that the dog must be an old one as it would be more effective for the incantation. Immediately the uncle ran to the nearby village to get himself an old black dog the old man then returned with a dog as he saw his wife impatiently waiting for him the dog fixed its eyes on the bed that Danie was sitting on then growled as if something had caught its attention it barked loudly afterward a tense atmosphere soon prevailed in the house Danie felt horror as he trembled helplessly. The man stepped backward whilst holding his pillow, looking terrified. As the man was in terrible fear he burst out crying loudly Then fainted shortly after that as the dark stopped barking at him Feeling extremely worried the aunt quickly checked up on Danie She called out his name and prayed for him to pull through The uncle couldn’t hide the worried expression on his face either luckily Danie had eventually woken. The aunt couldn’t be happier to see him making it out alive, but Danie was still in utter bewilderment, he asked her: “What’s happened? Why am I lying here?” Then he grabbed his head and groaned as he felt immense pain
the young man looked down at his hands, He was shocked to see them being covered with wounds and scratches. they also bled while the fingertips were badly swollen The uncle and his wife looked at Danie then asked what had happened with him but even Danie himself couldn’t remember exactly what the situation he had gotten into was terrible. All he could remember was this one dream coming into his mind as he tried to recall it and tell it to his uncle he said he was awoken by a female voice The voice echoed distantly as it aroused his curiosity, he unconsciously followed it The moment he got attracted by the voice was also the moment he


opened the gate and went outside it’s like there was some kind of a mysterious force that took him over The young man heartlessly made his way to the forest follow the path he and his uncle had been on before that day from afar Danie saw a shadow moving around the spot where he and his uncle had buried the statue. She flew mid-air whilst emitting a green light looking eerie the woman then rushed to Danie she stroked his face and slowly tempted him while the man was fondling her The woman went behind Danie, she grabbed him tightly which made him unable to move. Then she stuck out her long tongue which looked like that of a snake and licked Danie by his neck. The woman later came out as a female demon. She bared a yellow sharp tooth and intended to bite him by the neck at that moment Danie was completely being controlled. out of nowhere, a black dog showed up it barked loudly which frightened the two the female ghost then disappeared into the pitch darkness of the forest leaving him with utter confusion Danie couldn’t help but being scared as he recalled his nightmare The aunt told him that it wasn’t just a dream of his as it had happened in real life and the fact that he was still here was because of her husband finding him out in the forest and bringing him home. Danie was astounded, he wondered who the female ghost was and why it went to him. The uncle was filled with horror as he told Danie it was a female ghost in folk myth, one that had been staying inside the statue. Danie couldn’t figure out why the ghost targeted him What exactly had happened to the woman before? And how did his uncle and his aunt know so much about her? The uncle then told Danie about the legend of the statue, Back when he was still a young kid, in the village there was this widow who was gorgeous yet being a temptress. The woman always seduced men in the village as anyone who went past her house would be tempted by her sweet words. Needless to say, all the men in the village were in love with her. They neglected their wives and families, as some even gave all their properties to the young, beautiful widow. Many women in the village held their grudge towards her as they believed she was the reason their families were breaking apart One day, they gathered in front of her house, yelling and smashing, while the gorgeous widow stayed in her house, hiding from them As it struck midnight they stealthily burned down her house The fire broke out very fast it swept through the small log house in just a blink of an eye The woman together with the house had been burnt to ashes No one was responsible for the death of the woman, as time went by, things eventually became forgotten.


One night, this drunken man was going home late as he looked wearily. All of a sudden, he saw a figure slowly approaching him, its creepy shape quickly sobered him up. The man then got startled as he collapsed on the ground. It was a woman who was horrifically burnt, there were only a few strands of hair to be seen on her head. She dilated her white eyes, wide opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. Knowing it was a woman’s spirit the villagers later invited a shaman to send it away from the village But it didn’t work at all the ghostly females still wandered around scaring the villagers What was even more terrifying was, the ghost always stalked men who usually went outside at night later became a horror to the villagers at that time. However the ghost could be driven away with a black dog as it instantly backed away and disappeared if it saw one Knowing the weakness of the female ghost, the villagers had taken in black dogs to protect their families from her. That was also the reason why there were so many black dogs in the village. Because of deep hatred, the widow’s spirit had become a demon that always craved the vitality of men. Since she wanted to remain here beauty the woman had turned herself into a statue which was uttered with a deadly curse that said any young man who found the statue would be haunted. Since then the myth about the widow statue has been established. As the uncle finished his story, the sun had already come up. Danie felt a shiver as he listened to his uncle telling the story The uncle didn’t tell anyone about the incident since he didn’t want the villagers to gossip about it. The old man later made a warning to his kids not to go near the spot where he buried the statue. Read More

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  1. I just found and read your story of the buried statue. Enjoyed immensely. Finding was an accident. Don’t have time to read all at this time. How do I return?

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