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dangerous train station

This is a very scary event

So this is a creepy story that I don’t usually talk about. This happened to me quite a while ago so I probably won’t remember all of the details but I will never forget the strange experience that took place at a nearby subway station which drove a sinister wedge between me, my friends, and my family.I was around 22 years of age at the time and I had just started taking music lessons in the evenings.I was at a stage where I was still trying to figure things out and get used to life in the big city.I remember that the lesson finished a lot later than usual that day for some reason so it was already well past 11 at night by the time I got to the subway after grabbing a bite to eat which meant that the circulation of trains was few and far between. As I anxiously waited for the signature sound of a distant train, I observed the platform and was surprised to see how abandoned it was.


I had taken the subway at unsocial hours before but I had never seen it as empty as it was that night. It was very quiet and there was no one else around, at least that’s what I thought until I noticed someone standing behind one of the columns near the edge of the platform. I leaned forward to get a better look but it almost felt like the stranger was intentionally trying to avoid being seen so I just looked straight ahead and minded my own business but the silence didn’t last long after that. Suddenly, I could hear the sound of someone whistling. It appeared to come from all directions and there was something about it that made me I felt uneasy but luckily, it was soon overshadowed by the sound of a train fast approaching. As I prepared to embark on the train I was surprised to see a well-dressed man step out from behind the column and walk to the edge of the platform.


I felt relieved to see that it wasn’t some thug or potential trouble maker yet still, something was strangely off about him and he seemed somewhat gaunt. It always made me feel a little nervous to see someone standing so close to the edge of the platform, even when it was a stranger but I suspected he was just as anxious to get to his destination as I was. Midnight was close upon us after all. He stood there very still and hadn’t acknowledged my presence whatsoever until he slowly started turning his head towards me. With eyes wide open, he greeted me with a creepy grin and an unsettling stare. I made a conscious effort to ignore him staring at me like that, but then he employed a sinister laugh that gave me a persistent chill, which was then followed by something that still horrifies me to this day. As he fell directly into the path of the arriving train I rushed to try to save him, but it was too late. It took me a few seconds to grasp what I had just seen and I will still in shock when I hurried to the nearest ticket booth to get help which resulted in an entire shut down of the subway. The subway employees inspected both the track and the train but they didn’t find any evidence of a body or even a single drop of blood. After checking the tunnels, their attention shifted to me and the tone of the whole situation took a drastic turn for the worse. I implored them to check the cameras to prove that I wasn’t lying, but when they reviewed the footage, there was no sign of the man. Just me running towards an oncoming train. They told my parents what happened and rumors spread very quickly after that. As a devoted catholic, my mother never looked at me the same way again and my father just put on a brave face. When that happened, the truth didn’t really matter that much anymore, and life sort of carried on without ever really going back to normal. I left home the same year and moved into a shabby old apartment downtown.


Needless to say, traveling around the city is never the same I still stare at the ceiling every night what I saw that unfortunate day in the subway. Thank you for reading and share with your friends. If you want more stories like this, write below

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4 thoughts on “The story of a dangerous train station”
  1. I love this website. It’s extremely interesting and great stories to be shared.
    Thank you for sharing and remember there are things that happen day and night that we will never understand. And perhaps we are not mean to.

  2. I believe you,although it was a scary and strange situation for you,I thank u for sharing. Remember, in this enormous universe,so so many strange things just can’t be explained.

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