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Dracula’s castle
Dracula’s castle

Bran Castle is a 14th-century fort with tiled roofs near the city of Brașov în România. It commands the Green Mountains on the edge of the Little Carpathians, a subset of the Great Chain that runs throughout Romania. Bran Castle, built in the 14th century, is a fortress to protect villagers and landowners in the plains beyond the Bucegi Mountains and is best known as the site of the famous Vampire Dracula. It is the perfect backdrop for Vampire-Lord. It is tall, with a turret,


red roof, a massive defensive tower, thick walls with narrow openings for archers and artillery, iron gates above the gates, and secret passages. Centuries of struggle with the Ottoman Empire led to the modernization and renovation of Bran Castle. The two spacious interior courtyards were once flower gardens, and the whitewashed walls of the rooms with high ceilings were covered with bright carpets from the northern part of Moldavia.

There is a lot of confusion about the myth of Dracula and why it is called Dracula’s Castle in pop culture. Bram Stoker is never mentioned as the castle of Bran Dracula, but the castle fits Stoker’s description well. Vlad the Impaler is believed to have spent some time at Bran Castle, and some say he was imprisoned there. But there is no evidence to support this. Although there is no clear evidence that Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) is associated with Bran Castle, many of the myths surrounding Prince Vlad are true.


For decades in the 15th century, Dracula ruled this extraordinarily beautiful place. Instead, he is a man who is cruel and unforgiving, even in times of bloodshed. His nickname, Dracula, means “son of the dragon.” After his father, the Knight of the Dragon, a major royal change in the 15th century and earlier. His real name is Vlad, after his father. It was his unpleasant habit that earned him his name in Romanian history: Vlad the Impaler.

His favorite way to execute enemies was to nail them to a pole. Then the poor soul was left to die – perhaps a horrible process that lasted for days. Vlad had several disagreements with the affluent burghers in the surrounding towns and occasionally challenged his right to rule. A tourist once reported to a court in Vienna that the mountains around Brasov appear to be forested. He added that Dracula had ordered his men to set their table for lunch between the dead and the dying.

However, the castle has now attracted the attention of many tourists. This place is definitely worth a visit if you are visiting Romania. Below you will find photos taken by a tourist who visited this place.

Special Thanks and Photo Credit : Priscilla van Roosendaal

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  1. Appreciate the bit of history. Enhances the beauty of the castle. Thank you for accepting my request to be a member of this group.

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