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Legend Of Bloody Mary Story

Many of us have heard of this legend, and some have participated in the ritual set to bring her to life, But is she just fiction, or is she really there? [H isp]] I saw something in the sky, its eyes were dark, I did not look, it was closer, it moved my body, it disappeared, It was burning, I was frozen, I could not get rid of it, I was freaking out. Welcome, I Dhanushka, this is Buzzfeed Unresolved, Reader Presentation Stories. Here are stories of unexplained encounters about the mysterious and strange things presented by readers like you.


Now, I understand that there are skeptics and believers, and there are those who are somewhere. But I am not here to discuss it, I am not here to listen to your experience and judge it. This episode is about the infamous Bloody Mary and this legend seems to have connections with cultures around the world. After sharing this reader’s story we will lightly explore some of them. So without further ado, lock your doors, hang your phone tightly, and turn off the lights while we share with you.

Is this ritual dangerously romantic? Carmen V wrote, When I was about nine years old, I had a friend who introduced me to Bloody Mary’s urban legend. We played once and encouraged each other and brought her to the bathroom at once.

One night I felt brave so I went to the bathroom and did it. Besides, I ran and went to sleep before seeing anything. So this is a widely known legend and it was a popular thing at the time. I did it with all my friends when I was 10 years old. We all felt it was just a game and maybe Carmen thought so too. Because Carmen was so young and small, she did not expect anything unexpected to happen. So keep this in mind as we continue to dive into Carmen’s story. I woke up around 4 am and heard footsteps coming down the stairs. At first, I thought it might be my parents. Other than that, I realized that the steps would never go up.


I thought, oh tooth fairy. I had lost a tooth that night, and when I looked under my pillow it was gone. The steps began to get louder, faster, and closer, and it seemed that someone had already reached the top of the stairs. But I went to check and no one was there and both my parents were asleep.

So did Carmen’s imagination turn on the lights and carry out the Bloody Mary ritual alone? Or did she open a door of truth when she did? We continue to read. Then I was so frightened that the mask pulled over my head and the steps suddenly stopped.

I slowly exposed my face, sighed, and moved my body towards the wall. When I felt a hand crawling down my forehead, it hit the wall with full force. I had zero control of my hand. When I woke up there was toothpaste on the wall. Some legends arise from some kind of truth that has long been erased in history. In some cultures, a mirror is a magical tool that opens doors to other fields.

Scientists have even discovered that if you look in a mirror for 10 minutes in the right background in a dimly lit room, you can experience visual illusions that distort monsters, creatures, and even your face from seeing animals. Although Carmen could have made this happen, it still didn’t make much sense to me because she didn’t have much time to see anything in the mirror. The physical encounter that amazes me does not explain it for sure, can the myths associated with the Bloody Mary ritual be confused with our other senses? So what if this is more than just mirrors and tricks?


Bloody Mary’s soul was so evil that Carmen did not want to express it that night. According to Bloody Mary, the origin is taken from a number of different stories. One was Mary, the first woman in England to be given the monopoly to protect her power by burning more than 300 rebels and protesters on a pole in the name of religion.

But apparently, there is no connection

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