Wyckoff Villa Carleton Island New York

Wyckoff Villa’s location on Carleton Island in the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York is, predictably, yet another terrible tragedy. One of the first Gilded Age houses along with the Thousand Islands, according to many, William Wyckoff commissioned architect William H. Miller to design the mansion. Wyckoff, a typewriter magnate, only stayed in the house for one day after it was completed in 1895. What is the reason for this? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Mr. Wyckoff died of a heart attack on July 11th, less than a month after his wife, Ives Wyckoff, died. The villa was sold to General Electric after 30 years in the family. Though GE had intended to demolish the villa in order to build a golf course and retreat in its stead, the company eventually emptied the property of any essential items (and necessary) sections and left it in a state of disarray. Still, if you’re interested, it’s available again! You could even stay in one of America’s most haunted hotels if you’re really courageous…

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