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most dangerous fish types

Here we are going to know more facts about world’s most dangerous fish types. More than 70 of our planet is water and contained within those oceans is a truly exciting but kind of scary biodiversity, including world’s most dangerous fish types. We know more about what’s going on out there in the far reaches of outer space than we do about what’s dwelling in our own seas. But the life we do know about is scary enough. Although most of the fish types are not dangerous fish some species are extremely dangerous. Here are some of the world’s most dangerous species of fish in both seas and inland rivers.

Bull Shark

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Even though they aren’t the biggest of all shark types, bull sharks, one of the most dangerous fish types, certainly make up for that with their temperament and range. They can be found in warm coastal regions around the world. But unlike others they can survive in both salt water and fresh water. This means they’ve been seen great distances within river systems and some have been spotted as far as 700 miles inland from the nearest ocean. Bull Sharks typically growing to up to 8 feet long and with a weight of up to 290 pounds they have a stocky build and all of this muscle is dedicated to one thing which is hunting. They have the strongest bite of any fish and with razor sharp teeth lining their mouths they can tear through flesh with very little effort. They feed on other sharks and fish.

The Great Barracuda

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Among the world’s most dangerous fish types, the great barracuda, is a large species of predatory fish that’s endemic to the Indian pacific and Atlantic oceans. They are often found in the warmer regions at depths of up to 330 feet some have been found to be up to five or six feet long and weigh as much as 100 pounds and are one of the most vicious marine predators in the world. They have powerful jaws and incredibly sharp teeth and can reach speeds of up to 27 miles per hour in short bursts that allow them to catch up with virtually any prey they want.

The Stone Fish

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The stone fish can be considered as an another type of most dangerous fish types. Stonefish are creepy looking creatures that live in the coastal regions around the indo-pacific and spend their lives camouflaged in the seabed and wait for their prey to swim by. They are the most venomous of all known fish and have needle-like spines that stand up firm when they’re disturbed which injects the deadly toxins. This instantly incapacitates any fish or other marine creatures so the stonefish can move in to digest them. It is also highly dangerous to humans too. Stings are quite common because it’s virtually impossible to see the fish before it’s too late.

Goliath Tiger Fish

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Goliath fish are native to freshwater habitats across Africa, in particular the Congo River basin and Lake Tanganyika, is one of the most dangerous fish types. When fully grown they can measure 5 feet long and weigh 110 pounds and have a frightening set of needle-sharp teeth that fit neatly into grooves along their jawline. Locals refer to them as the mabenga which means the dangerous fish. They only feed on other fish and can decimate stocks of more valuable species. There’s also a long detailed history of them attacking humans with serious consequences. It’s believed by nearby communities that dark spirits inhabit the bodies of the fish to make it attack people.

The Great White Shark

Credit: Jim Abernethy, Nat geo image collection

Great white sharks are the alpha predators of the ocean and rightfully strike fear into anything that crosses their path, is one of the most dangerous fish types. They are native to virtually all open water and coastal regions around the world where the temperature is between 54 and 75 degrees fahrenheit but are found in particularly high concentrations near Australia the us and south Africa. Adults can grow to be 20 feet long and weigh more than 5 000 pounds and they are thought to be able to live to 70 years old or even longer. Reaching speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and with a range that allows them to swim to depths of at least 4 000 feet there’s very few places they won’t go when they’re on the hunt. They of course have one of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom and some of the fiercest teeth you’ll ever see. There are usually one or two deaths per year due to this monster.

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